Success Story of Expense Sensei Tracker Usage in Giggster

giggster case study expense sensei

Oftentimes, tracking your business expenses doesn’t occur to you until you’re ready to get a reimbursement. Manual reconciliation is often the go-to method for handling expense tracking. You might have heard that the earlier you start it, the easier it would be to turn in. Regardless of best practices, many companies fail to start tracking as soon as they need to. And that’s exactly why Giggster chose to work with Expense Sensei in the first place.

But first, let us introduce you to Giggster, the company that was one of the first to try Expense Sensei out. They implemented Expense Sensei over a year ago, and it helped them in handling employee reimbursements. For this paper they were asked to share their experience.

But first things first. Let’s explain more about Giggster and what issues they were dealing with prior to implementing Expense Sensei.

What is Giggster?

We’re a startup that helps film producers, bloggers, and photographers find locations that suit their projects best. Actually, our team’s rather small — we’re less than 50. Another thing that makes us stand out is that some of our team members work remotely, which makes submitting business expenses and reimbursements a difficult task. Many of us are in different countries and the reimbursement policy is a bit different across regions.

What Problems Did the Team Face Before Trying Expense Sensei?

We never thought anything was wrong with submitting business expenses manually to our accountant before we tried using Expense Sensei. Once we did, we discovered the process doesn’t need to be so complicated.

We implemented Expense Sensei because we wanted to try something new, and this tool piqued our interest. Our colleagues at Postindustria were raving about this new option and it really interested us.

Was it Difficult for Employees to Start Using an App?

Not really! The web application is extremely easy to use. What’s more important, everyone was able to access it since the app is available on both Android and iOS devices. The app makes it easy for our team members to submit their expense reports from anywhere, even when they are traveling or working remotely. That’s very important to us since our team members are geographically spread out across many different countries.

How Long Did it Take to Implement an App into the Current Process?

It took us only one month. Usually, we provide reimbursements for employees every month, so at the very beginning of the month, we asked our team to use Expense Sensei for expenses submission. At the end of the month, our accountant had all the data submitted and was able to do their job easily. It was that simple.

What are the Benefits of Using Expense Sensei?

There are so many! First, the unification of all business expenses is amazing. The reports come to the responsible person in one form and they’re easier to review because of that.

Secondly, it’s the fact that you can see what data has to be submitted and what fields are required while completing the report. Team members don’t have to guess what information they have to provide to get their expenses reimbursed.

Third, our accountant and leadership team can export every piece of data submitted in an app in the form of a .csv file that can be used to create forecasts and budgeting plans. That’s very convenient for the Giggster accountants working with Excel spreadsheets.

What Alternatives Did You Look Into?

We had heard of several alternatives like Expensify and Rydoo. Yet, the pricing was too high for the plans. They also included too many choices for working with the reimbursement data. We had no need for using cards for business expenses, so Expense Sensei seemed a perfect fit for us.

Why Did You Settle On Expense Sensei?

One of the key factors was that we wanted to try a solution that worked for our colleagues and we saw how well it worked for them in real time. However, we researched other tools and the functionality they provided, but still decided to stick with Expense Sensei.

How Were Bookkeeping Processes Improved?

We never expected to see benefits to our workflow outside of the bookkeeping process.

As for the benefits for our accountant, the main one is that now there’s no chance to miss a receipt or expense report. Another good thing is that no one has to ask directly how to get reimbursed. People just have to install an application, and they’re good to go!

Additionally, there is no more wrong time or wrong place to submit an expense. Use your smartphone to take a photo of the bill right in the cafe or at the hotel, and be sure of its reimbursement, as the report is submitted automatically.

Final Thoughts

If you haven’t thought of any expense tracking software or application, Expense Sensei might be an excellent solution for your team. This is especially true if you care about your team members and look for a way to make their lives less stressful and more manageable.

The Giggster team is very fond of Expense Sensei app. We’re excited to see it is finally available for the wider public and we look forward to the rollout of updates and any expansion that will come down the line.