Top 5 Features Expense Sensei Offers to AdTech Companies for Moving Towards Digital Expense Reports

paperless expense reporting

Any business, regardless of its size, needs capital to operate. This money is needed not only for long-term operations but also for the day-to-day business needs of you and your employees. For example, AdTech companies may require a certain amount of cash per day to pay for tools with a paid subscription. Likewise, employees must also receive monthly payments.

Since money is essential for any business to run, it is imperative to track its inflow and outflow. There are many apps to help you keep track of the costs your business is incurring. They include many features such as the automatic creation of invoices from receipts and direct payments to employees. Online solutions that track and report expenses make it easier and less tedious to track employee business expenses.

The best news for businesses is that the Expense Sensei software typically costs less but offers more innovation than on-premises legacy hardware/software solutions. Here’s our roundup of the best Expense Sensei app features for AdTech companies. Read all about the tools the app offers and find out which one works best for you.

  1. Quick Submissions & Reimbursements
  2. No Need to Keep Papers
  3. Real-time Approvals & Export
  4. The Variety of Expense Categories
  5. Reimbursements in Advance & Automated Refunds  
  6. Conclusion

Quick Submissions & Reimbursements

We know how hard it can be to take time out of your busy schedule and take control of your expenses. Due to the abundance of applications on the market, you as an accountant may feel that the good old spreadsheets are the most reliable way to go. However, when the whole world is moving towards paperless expense reporting, using spreadsheets becomes not so solid. 

Expense Sensei is the best AdTech expense tracking application that you can use for your business, with a wide range of features and extensive automation capabilities. The app is lightweight and easy to use. It walks you and your employees through the expense submission process in minutes. Do this while you are on the road. All you need is a stable internet connection on your gadget. The app will work perfectly on any screen both on Android and iOS devices.

What is more, you are 100% familiar with the situations, when it is pretty crucial to make a refund quickly so the employee can get on with his work. Expense Sensei provides you with the possibility to make fast reimbursements from any corner of the world.

No Need to Keep Papers

Having worked with AdTech companies for years, we understand how challenging it is for employees to collect all receipts and invoices in a pile at the end of each month and fill out expense report spreadsheets. Regardless of the size of the company, your employees travel for business meetings and conferences, attend forums for ideas sharing, and product presentations. Add here food and lodging expenses, and you get quite a lot of receipts to submit. 

When your workers have too many work expenses, they may want to get receipts from their phones – ordered and sent. The Expense Sensei app will help them with this. You don’t ever have to collect tons of papers. Simply take a photo of the receipt and upload it to the app. 

Real-time Approvals & Export

With the Expense Sensei tracking app, you can set up a flow, where all expense reports are sent to you through a single channel. This way, you can easily sort and manage them from your smartphone. This feature is incredibly useful for AdTech companies because every day almost all of your employees use different paid subscription tools, aimed at different purposes. Even on your way home or late at night, you can still approve expenses and provide refunds on time (for example, if your employees are in a different time zone, you can get them what they need anytime).

If you’re not ready for completely paperless bookkeeping yet, no big deal. With Expense Sensei you can get the data you want and print it – or work with it using spreadsheets.

The Variety of Expense Categories

We have already mentioned that our team has studied the business needs of AdTech companies inside and out. Every day you come across a variety of projects: from the healthcare industry to eCommerce, from hotel and restaurant business to streaming platforms. As technology moves forward, attending training courses and job-related conferences and seminars becomes essential. 

In addition to the costs of the conference itself, it is necessary to take into account the costs of business lunches and hotel accommodation. What about courses and marketing schools? Of course, if the initiative comes from the company, you must reimburse the employee student for all costs. Your company’s corporate expense policy may suggest different reimbursement conditions for different situations, so the presence of cost categories in the tracking application becomes a necessity.

With the Expense Sensei tracker, you will always be in control of each expense category. You know the exact amount that the team spends on a particular case.

Reimbursements in Advance & Automated Refunds 

Sometimes, you may need to provide money to employees in advance to cover future expenses. For example, if your employee flies to a business conference and you know exactly the costs of tickets, accommodation, and driving. It can also be the cost of training courses, health insurance and benefits, or perks and discounts. That’s why Expense Sensei Expense Tracker is ready to meet your needs.


In manual expense reporting, the problem of data entry errors usually persists. This leads to inaccurate expense reports. A complex expense reporting process can discourage employees from filing expense reports. Automating and simplifying your expense reports with Expense Sensei is quick and intuitive. The app includes accurate tracking of expenses, the ability to work within company policy, and at the same time provides the tools to reimburse employees on time. This solution works for everyone while increasing productivity and saving time and money for the company and its employees.