Top Remote Collaboration Tools for 2021

top remote collaboration tools for business 2021

Working from home isn’t as easy as it might seem. Many teams have faced it as a real challenge back then in 2020 when lockdown has started. People weren’t prepared for the ways we’d need to work and keep everything we do in sync, and that led to the drop in productivity and chaos in working processes.

However, even back then there were some tools that helped teams cope with the new reality, and as time went on, many teams working in information technology field still kept working from home even after lockdown became not as severe. That’s why remote collaboration tools for business are still evolving, and it’s a good think to keep track on the latest tools that help in remote team work management.

Our team has listed versatile applications and web services that are growing in popularity in 2021 and help remote teams thrive while working from their comfortable homes.

  1. Project management solutions
  2. Collaboration tools
  3. Communication tools
  4. Expense management tools

Project management solutions

There are multiple solutions aimed to bring your team into sync. The scope of daily tasks, the task trackers and time trackers help your team members better understand on what stage your project is, and effectively collaborate as well as communicate on important matters.


One of the most popular project management systems, that’s aimed both on project stages tracking, collaboration and time tracking as well as resource management.

It’s an all-encompassing system that will provide your team with all the means to work on project stages and report on it whenever the job is done.


Another task management system that will perfectly work for teams that prefer Kanban task management system. It’s also great for those teams who look into the tools providing automation features, yet it might be too limited for software developers.


A system that provides you with a clear Kanban board that you can manage the way your team sees preferable. Here you can also assign tasks, manage the deadlines and track the task statuses. It’s way easier than Jira, however, if you’re into software development, you still might see that this system has its limits.

Collaboration tools

Here we are looking for a way to work with our teammates, yet out of the office. That’s why not only task managements systems are gaining popularity. We have listed below three most popular tools for collaboration that will work for different teams and purposes.


The best way to collaborate if your team has more than one designer. The tool allows you to work in one workspace as well as comment on the actions your coworker does, review changes and use the same sources.


This tool might be already well-known among developers as it’s hard to imagine a development team that won’t use Git to create branches, merge commits and review changes made by your team. It also allows you to work with your team members on the same version and merge your changes together to provide faster results.


A great tool for creating interactive prototypes. Sometimes it can be replaced with Figma, however, its functionality is more UX-based. You can also use it for your team to collaborate on projects that demand precision.

Communication tools


The most used tool for communication, that allows chat organization into threads and topics. Provides the most basic options for discussion and private chats.


The most popular tool for video calls and conferences, that allows to demonstrate screen, chat and provides everything you might ever need for a video call.


If you’re looking for a system that will let your team stay in the loop and perhaps have classes together, pay attention to this system. It will let your team track the progress and work on modules together as well as submit work and pass quizzes.

Expense management tools

Managing business expenses is the way to keep your business on float even if your team continues to work remotely. Check the tools we’ve listed below to learn more how this can be handled.

Expense Sensei

It’s possible you haven’t heard of this tool yet, but Expense Sensei is an application that might help you handle business expenses and sync your team making it possible for them to submit expenses and get reimbursements in a matter of mere minutes.


Another expense management tool that allows your company to track business expenses, plus use a special expenses card for easier tracking and accounting. This app is also great for tracking personal expenses, so keep it in mind.

Zoho Expense

An alternative to Expense Sensei and Expensify, but comes with a set of other tools, both for accounting and management. Its power lies in automation and integrations that will allow you to sync the data with the dashboards your accountant prefers to use.


When your team works remotely you start looking into the tools that help everyone stay in the loop, and that’s the crucial point that helps businesses thrive even at times of lockdown.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to cover the most important tools that everyone uses in 2021 in order to collaborate.